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I makeTile for fireplace, kitchens & Bath. I also offer Welcome Signs and framed Art Tile for decor and gifts. The style is Mission, Craftsman and Bungalow, the designs are Woodland Botanical & Nature. Whether you are restoring your historic home, building a new home or cabin including these tile will make it spectacular!


All tile and Welcome signs are made from my original designs. They are sculpted,

hand-pressed and meticulously hand-glazed.

All work is done by me in my Oregon studio.

For Bungalows, Cabins, Cottages and More

I made these tiles for Craftsman Bungalows, fireplaces, kitchen and bath. I chose the

muted colors and natural motifs to

enhance your restoration project or new Craftsman construction. These tiles work

equally well in cabins, Cottages, and contemporary

homes or anywhere that people enjoy nature motifs.

Tile Sizes

I make tile in these sizes: 6 inch, 3 inch and 4.25 inch Welcome Signs

measure 11 inches by 6 inches

Glaze Samples

Order a sample pack of any four glazes from my glaze page. I will send

you a tiny sample of each color. Because I am changing to a different clay, glazes will be slightly different.

Ordering Tip

When ordering tile for a project, it is best to order them all at one time, to get the closest color match.

Also it is best to limit your project to one color combination. Order accent tile first and then choose field tile.

Tile is Green

Tile is a natural nontoxic product made from clay. It is durable, hygienic, water and mold resistant.

Tile can survive fire and floods. These tile are green because the only electricity

used in making them is the kiln.

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Here you will find most of the same tiles plus some one of a kinds such as Heron and Scarab tiles, trivets and coasters. You will also find some unique coffee bean coasters which make great gifts for coffee lovers.


Note- I have change to a new US made clay. You may notice that my tiles look slightly different. The main difference is in the green glaze which will now me more vibrant, and less gray. I am still switching out some of the images on this sight to reflect the updated colors. Change is difficult, but I think that my tiles are going to be even better now!

Decorative tile for Fireplace, kitchen and bath

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