3 inch Tile $12-$15

These are high-relief handcrafted tile for kitchen, bath and fireplace. Tiles are 3 inches square. They can be used in so many different ways: in a row, scattered randomly or placed in a group for a focal point. They can even be used ato frame a 6" tile. There are four designs, Pinecone, Gingko, Acorn and Dragonfly. 4 colors: green, chocolate, ocher & oyster shell. Colors may appear different on your browser, so to make sure, order a glaze sample pack.

I make a wide variaty of these little tile. Go to my esty shop to see what I have in stock and order.

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Accent tile for fireplace, kitchen & bath

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Gingko tile with 2 glazes $15 each. A 9 tile set like this would be $135 + shipping


Pinecone tile in Ocher & brown. Also in several other color combinations. $15 each

Acorn tile in green & copper, ocher & brown & oyster shell and toast

A group of 9 tile like below would be $135 + shipping

I make Dragonfly tile in several colors, including chocolate and ocher backgrounds.


Pinecone tiles shown in single colors, oyster schell and toast. $12 for each tile,

A set of 9 tiles would be $108 + shipping