6 inch handmade accent tile are popular for fireplaces, and kitchen back-splashes. They are made with local Oregon red clay and American made glaze. The background has a divot texture. Because these are handmade, expect some variation. Colors may appear different on your browser, to be sure order a Glaze sample pack.

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6"Gingko-tile-green-copper-glaze6inch-oak-leaf-and-acorn tile-cholate-and green-glaze6"-maple-leaf-tile-ocher-green-glaze6"-pine-cone-tile-green-copper

6 inch Tile


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Arts & Crafts Accent Tile


6" Gingko tile $40 each

available in three color combinations: Green & copper, ocher & green and chocolate & green

6" Oak Leaf & acorn tile $40

available in 3 color combinations: Green & copper, ocher & green and chocolate & green

6 inch Maple Leaf Tile $40 each

available in 3 color combinations: Green & copper, ocher & green shown and chocolate & green

6"PineconeTile $45 each

available in 2 color combinations: green & copper and ocher & brown

6" Dragonfly Tile $45

available in 3 color combinations: green & copper, ocher & green and chocolate & turquoise

6" Moth tile $40

This moth tile was inspired by motifs in historic craftsman stencils. available in 3 color combinations" green & white, chocolate white & blue .

6" Tree Lined Road $45

This carefully crafted tile is perfect for your Craftsman fireplace or kitchen back-splash. It makes a good center tile for an installation.


6" Oak Tree Tile $45

This tile is perfect for the fireplace or kitchen in your historic home or cabin. Use it for the central tile on their fireplace. Colors are spring green, metallic copper a soft brown .



I make these tiles using only select craftsman glazes. To see those glazes go to GLAZES

or order a set of glaze samples to help you decide.


NEW ! 6" Ponderosa Pinecone tile $45. each

in two color combos: green and copper and ocher and brown.


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