Arabesque Tile

arabesque-deluxe-relief-tile- for fireplace-kitchen-bath-handmade-by-Fay-Jones-Day

These Arabesque tile are different from the rest. They have a 3D raised relief pattern which really makes them stand out among the other Arabesque tile on the market. They can be used in many ways. You can use just one clor or several together. You can cover a wall with them or just use a few in a small space to make a focal point. They are 6" x 5"and 3/8" thick.

I can make them in a variety of glazes gloss and satin. These tile l are wonderful in bright colors, nuetrals or earthtones. I will be adding more colors in addition to the ones shown above.

To assist with your installation I would be happy to cut some in half vertically or horizontally so that you can install them against a straight edge. You can order them by the square foot or one at a time. Choose you color with the drop down menu or Email me to discuss glaze options.


Check out the glazes on the glaze page or order glaze samples to help you decide. I will not be able to keep lots of every color in stock, so I will make them when you order. Lead time will be between 3 and 5 weeks depending on the quanity and the number of orders ahead of you.

I have added 3 more glazes,celadon green and batchelor buttons.

Handmade tile for fireplace, kitchen or bath

square-foot-arabesque-tile- for fireplace kitchen or bath

1 square ft. is 8 tile 1 square foot $120

- tile for fireplace, kitchen or bath by Fay Jones Day Tile

Order one tile $15. each

glaze color
glaze color

Choose from these glazes when you order . If you don't see the glaze you want on the drop down menu just email me.

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Another option is two-tone Arabesque tile. You can chose any color with white accent . Shown below is Capri bule and with white accent a. These are $20 each or $160 per square foot

glaze color

Buy one

one square foot

glaze color