Fireplace Tile Inspiration

Fireplaces have been giving warmth and charm to homes throught history. However, they have another function as well and that is to provide the visual focal point of the room. When your family and guests sit around the fireplace, you will be glad that you chose tile that expresses your individuality. Choosing beautiful accent tile for your fireplace is an investment that you will be able to enjoy for decades.

 6-inch- Oak -leaf  -accent tile with 3-inch field tile by- Fay Jones-Day-Tile-fireplace Tiled Fireplace with2-inch slate-tile and 6-inch accent tile-by -Fay- Jones -Day -Tiledragonfly -tile-fireplace- 3-inch-dragonfly-accent tile- by Fay-Jones Day-Tile tiled firplace with 6-inch accent -tile- by -Fay -Jones Day-Tile

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