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I use glazes, those that have worked consistently well for me, and that I think fit in well with the Arts and Crafts home. I will list them here, starting with my favorite. Be aware that these colors may look different on your browser. To make sure that the color is what you want, I suggest that you order a glaze sample pack. New! Cottage Colors I have added some new glaze choices especially to use on the 4.25" tile.

I've also added a few more nuetral glazes just for Subway tile. Also I have some new rich colors for the Arabesques and Morroccan Fish scale tile



This is a complex gloss glaze. It has a rich butterscoth color, with subtle cream occuring where it is applied heavier.


This rich glaze makes me think of making fudge! Just like fudge, it can be satin or glossy. I have included it because it echoes the dark wood tones so often found in old Bungalows.


New Cottage glazes!

Oyster Shell

This is a neutral gloss glaze. It is a light musroom color with slight grey blue highlights. I use this on my 4.25" tile.


Sky Blue

This l glossy semitransparent glaze is a close match to Benjamine Moore's "Summer Blue". It is darker in the thicker areas and lighter in the thinner which really shows of the relief designs in the 4.25" tile.


Sea Green

This is a semi transparent bright turquoise, blue green glaze.It appears darker in the thicker areas and lighter in the thinner. This makes it perfect for showing off the relief texture in the 4.25" tile


semi transparent coralglaze is a close " match to Benjamin Moore's "Passion fruit "paint. $.25" tiles with this glaze will really brighten up your kitchen or bath.


Spring Green

This a new glaze with a lighter brighter look. It varies from a minty to grass green. It reacts with the red in the clay but remains overal light, with a bit of a shimmer. This glaze can be used on 6" tiles.



This glossy glaze makes me think of dappled sunlight. It is semi traparent with tiny dark specks.


Order Cottage colors glaze samples

Craftsman Glaze Samples

Classic Neutrals

Snow White Satin

Just a hint of a shine in this opaque glaze

Cream Gloss

This is a clear trans-parent gloss that shows the cream color of the clay

Light Grey Gloss

This semi-trasparent glaze highlights texture


Order Classic Nuetral samples

Jewel tone glazes


Capri Blue gloss



Rose Gloss



Foliage green gloss


New Glazes!

These can be used on anything but the craftsman tile

Celadon green

A cool glossy semi-trasparent light green


Bachelor Buttons

Call it a cool blue or a warm lavender I call it pretty



semigloss light brown