Moroccan Fish Scale Tile

This tile shape has been called Morrocan Fish Scales, Peacock tile, Fan tile or Clam shell tile. Whatever you choose to call them, bloggers are calling them the "new subway". Yes, while subway tile may be classic and historic, Moroccan Fish scale as a tile shape is actually ancient .They are one of the many geometric shapes that come to us from the Moorish culture. Are they exotic? You bet! Think "Casablanca". They are more dynamic and fun than subway tile. The obvious shell shape makes them a good choice for bathrooms. They can be used in kitchens or fireplaces as well, especially if you move away from the green blue water tones to the more nuetral earth colors.

Once again, when I designed these tiles I didn't want them to be just plain flat tiles, so I made this raised relief embelishment to give them extra pizzaz !

each tile is approximately 4.25 wide and high

1 square-foot-rose-moroccan-fish scale-tile

12 tile is 1 square foot $120


Buy one tile for $12 Each

glaze color
glaze color
moroccan-Fish-scale- tile-banner

Choose from these glazes when you order. If you don't see the color that you want listed in the buttons just email me.

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