handmade-ceramic-3x6-subway-tile, "roots"-design-oyster-shell-glaze-for fireplace-kitchen-bath-by-Fay-Jones-Day
handmade textured 3x6-Subway-tile-blue-Froth design-fireplace-kitchen or bath-by-Fay-Jones-Day
handmade-ceramic-subway-tile-"Flow-design"-sea-green-glaze-fireplace-kitchen-bath-by- Fay-Jones-Day

I created these unique textured subway designs to work with plain 3 x 6 subway tile field tile. They can be used as accents or like field tile for an all over texture. They are a departure from my other tile as they have a more contemperary look and can be used in different style homes. The designs are bstract but very organic looking. They can be used on fireplaces, kitchen back-splashes or bathrooms. The glaze palette includes some new lighter and more nuetral glazes as well as the cottage colors glazes. Because I don't keep these in stock, lead tile will be between 3 weeks and 5 weeks depending on the size of the order.

These are sold by the square foot. That is eight tiles for $75.

Textured Subway tile

Subway tile 3 x 6 inch for fireplace kitchen or bath


The Flow texture looks like water running . It can be installed in vertically, horizontally or diagonally.


The Roots texture looks like roots or vines of creeping plants. The raised lines are slightly diagonal.


The Froth texture looks like soap bubbles, the bubbles in espresso or beer. The circles are indented

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Chinook Salmon Subway tile

on "flow" background in celadon green or sky blue $20 each

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